About us

We are three

David Beauchesne (co-founder)

I am one of the founders of inSileco and a postdoctoral researcher at Université Laval. I am an ecologist working on ecosystem-based management in general and cumulative effects assessments in particular, with a focus on open science, reproducibility and computational tools.

Kevin Cazelles (co-founder)

Co-fonder of inSileco, associate researcher at the University of Guelph, open and reproducible research advocate. For almost ten years now, I have been tackling research challenges in various areas of ecology. I have mainly been focusing on theory in macro-ecology and network ecology, but I have also been working on various topics such as epidemics, forest dynamics, meta-ecosystems and food security. I have been facing a wide array of technical problems and have acquired a very broad set of quantitative and computational skills.

Steve Vissault (co-founder)

Co-fonder of inSileco and data scientist @Omnimed.